Tuesday, April 14, 2015

#reclaimholyweek: Videos from 4.4 For All -- Rally, Repent, Reflect, Resurrect

These videos are from Come ToGather's last worship of its 2014-2015 season, a rally, march, and memorial, and a collaboration with the United Church of Cookeville. The call we put out is this:

This year Holy Saturday is on the Anniversary of the MLK Assassination. This is a call for all to join a special event. You are welcome to come to some or all of this.

Part One: Rally For Racial Unity
7pm – Gather on town square – music and speeches
730pm – Candlelight march – walk down Broad Street, circle the Drama Center & walk back to First Pres through Dogwood Park 

Part Two: Repent for Historical Racism & Reflect on Martyrs’ Sacrifices
8pm-ish – A Holy Saturday Service of Lament – First Pres Sanctuary; readings, music, contemplation 

Part Three: Await Resurrection & Liberation
9pm-ish – Fellowship Time in Fellowship Hall – Light Food 
10pm-12 – Contemplative DJ sets & Interpretive Dance until Easter Midnight, Chocolate & Communion